Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat lice with heat?

We don't offer that as it adds unnecessary time to the treatment and is not effective. If it was effective we would be using it!

Can I use mayonnaise to get rid of lice?

You can use mayonnaise but you would have to still comb out the nits or use it every night for about two weeks.

How long does lice live off the head?

Normally 24 hours.  They need human blood to survive.

Does it cost more for longer or thicker hair?

No.  Unlike other lice services that charge by the hour we offer a flat rate so you know exactly what the cost will be before we arrive.  Having lice is stressful enough so we want to put your mind at ease.

Are there any chemicals in my products?

None whatsoever.

Can a treatment be done on a 2 year old?

Yes absolutely!  Its safe for any age.

Can my dog get lice?

No.  Fortunately for them lice survive off human blood.

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