Scammers Be Scamming.


There's a lot of malarkey out there.

We here at Lice Support pride ourselves in serving our customers with integrity and affordable pricing with no extra fees or unnecessary products to buy. We don’t believe in adding stress to an already stressful situation. We hear a lot of stories from our customers about not quite honest lice removal providers ranging from grossly incorrect lice information (like did you just make that up), extremely high prices and/or incorrect positive diagnoses.

Many providers will go the lazy route and leave a lot of the work for the customer. Instead of doing a thorough lice comb out (which they’re supposed to do) they will tell customers to use olive oil and comb out the affected person for days or even weeks after. Then charge a lot of money for the “service”. What the what!? What did I just pay for? We provide a “one and done” approach to lice removal and back our service with a 30 day guarantee. No ridiculous aftercare combing for days or using products that you don’t need.

Don't get taken advantage of.

Another common issue is charging hundreds of dollars just to step foot in your house whether you have lice or not. Other common extra charges include a trip charge, longer hair and/or length of time. We believe in upfront flat rate pricing with no trip charge so you know exactly what the cost will be before we come to your home. Simple.

We at Lice Support want to not only remove your lice permanently, we want to do it in the most stress free way. Whether you use our services or another provider, ask questions about the removal process, cost to just show up, aftercare and especially ANY extra charges. Don’t get taken advantage of! Removing lice from your family might just end up costing you a whole lot of chicken nuggets.

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