Lice Myths.


So Many Myths...So Little Time. 

Lice is so common among young children but so little is actually known about them by the general public. I’m here to help clear up a lot of the truths and myths about lice. 

Dealing with lice on a daily basis we've come across many confused parents with a ton of questions. Do lice fly? Do lice jump? How did I get lice? Why does ice cream make me fat? Seriously, a lot of questions. However, instead of listing ALL the questions we get asked I'll go over some of the most important issues.

So what is the most common way to get lice? You guessed it. Head to head contact such as hugging or cuddling. It’s possible to get lice from objects like hats and clothing but its very rare. Why? Because lice don’t live much longer than 24 hours off a human head. That’s a human head. Not your dog or cat or chinchilla. They live off human blood. And to answer your earlier question lice don’t fly or jump. 

Not everyone gets itchy from lice

So back to the human blood thing. I know it’s gross. Everyone is different so not everyone gets itchy from lice. Which means it’s possible to get lice and not know it. Which is more gross! It’s more common than you'd think. Many people we’ve treated have had lice for months and didn't even know it. Which is another reason why people are confused how they got lice. 

One good thing about lice, if that’s even possible, is that they don’t carry germs or bacteria. So that’s one less thing to worry about. However, once you get lice you’re more prone to get them again within a month after treatment. They leave behind a pheromone that attracts more lice. Sounds attractive doesn't it. So make sure you follow the aftercare instructions provided after treatment.

Lice will get worse if you do nothing

You have to be proactive with lice. It'll get worse if you do nothing. Lice are tough critters but not invulnerable however they don’t go away on their own. In addition, you can’t get rid of them by doing simple things like washing your hair. If you’ve been struggling with lice go to an experienced professional in your area. They'll do a professional comb out which has been time tested and the only sure way to get rid of them. It’s well worth the cost. 

You'll be able to get a good nights sleep and no more nightmares about lice spawning from your belly button. Ok?

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