Kill Nits With Heat. Wait…What?


Oh Where To Start

Once in a while we get asked if we provide the infamous “heat treatment”. This is a service provided by a particular lice removal company. I’m here to happily explain this service and to provide some insight into this “treatment”.

So what is this heat treatment? I’m so glad you asked. This is a service (pushed very hard by the way) by a certain company that states their amazing device will dry out nits using hot air blown from this device. Thus getting rid of lice and reducing the need for combing. They also state their device is “FDA approved” and uses a “microprocessor” to distribute heat. 

Our fearless leader and owner of Lice Support started her lice journey opening one of these previously mentioned locations that use this device. She’s also “certified” on the operation of this device so she has first hand experience using it. I’m going to debunk this device as a money grabbing gimmick. Let’s get started!

Most important part of a lice treatment is the combing out

This device is nothing more than a hair dryer. Who wants lice being blown around! It’s not some advanced alien technology made to revolutionize the lice removal industry which is how they push it. It obviously can’t be any hotter than a hair dryer otherwise it would burn your head. Even the most basic hair dryers contain circuit boards inside them.

The most important part of a lice treatment is the combing out process. Any lice professional will tell you this. The device can’t be used alone without the following comb out. Using this device is a "shortcut" for them. Their lice technicians rely too heavily on the device which is why they have an abundance of customers going back a second time because they still have lice. 

But it's “FDA approved”. Basically any product can be FDA approved. It’s not a difficult process. It’s just a technical sounding selling point. It doesn't mean its effective for anything.

Make the lice treatment process longer

It makes the whole treatment process longer than it needs to be. It’s an unnecessary time consuming step to an already uncomfortable and time consuming treatment. Not to mention hot! Who wants to sit and have lice removed any longer than necessary. And to be honest just a normal treatment isn’t fun or quick.

Using this device is how they justify their high prices. It’s not necessary and it’s not effective. Trust me. If it was effective and made the job easier everybody including us would be using it! There’s no patent restriction on hot air! 

It’s a gimmick to take advantage of panicked parents and make them think they have something special. It’s a good marketing tactic but at the cost of taking advantage of parents. They know certain people will pay anything to get rid of lice and that’s what they take advantage of. Top lice professionals in the industry rely solely on the comb out process. It’s time tested and just works! 

So unless robots become available and don’t try to murder us first, some things you just have to do manually. Don’t get taken advantage of. And if you already did. Sorry about that. 

So kids, just like with drugs, alcohol and salty snacks. Just say no! You can thank me later with salty snacks.

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